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Nuts and Bolts: The Other Side of Fifty

While working with my four seminar groups on ‘Nuts and Bolts Homeopathy’ in 2009 it became clear to all of us that there is a shortage of information for men and women in the 50-70 age group, between the menopause years and old age.  Advertisements portray images of self-satisfied and smiling mid-lifers but some men and women experience unexpected and bewildering changes which are neither welcome nor easy to talk about.  So ‘The Other Side of Fifty’ became the natural follow-up to ‘Nuts and Bolts Homeopathy’ and is presented in a similar A-Z format.  This though is not just for homeopaths; it is for any men and women who would like to understand this period of life better and to enable practitioners of any therapy to help their mid-life clients and patients.

Click here or the link below for the FREE complete TOSoF seminar document for you to download.

Click here to download the complete TOSoF document in PDF format

Although I have retired from homeopathy, if you would like me to present this seminar for your own group (8-20 participants) please contact me.   We will plan it together so the subjects are covered in a safe, relaxed, sensitive and respectful environment.
Here are some typical comments from my seminar participants:

  • “Talking with like-minded people on such a fascinating topic - a big thank you.”
  • “How lovely it is that everyone brings comments to the knowledge and discussion and you, Jane, enable that”
  • “Diversity – in content/topics and people!”
  • “Informality. Easiness of joining in with own comments.”
  • “Relaxed, informal but informed environment.”
  • “Sharing experiences and knowledge but without any pressure to do so.”

Instead of making ‘The Other Side of Fifty’ into an e-book on CD like ‘Nuts & Bolts Homeopathy’ it might be incorporated into a real book one day. Watch this space.