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Nuts and Bolts - CD Updates

These additions (with original text in black and new additions in blue) are for you to cut and paste into your Word version of the CD or to print out.

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Full Table of Updates 2012

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Bone problems

Calc Phos, Calc Fluor and Phos  (K); Hekla Lava;  Symphytum; See Caffey’s disease;  see Conchiolinum;  see Osteoporosis

For osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, degenerative bone changes:  Vermiculite 12c, long term e.g. 10 days on 14 days off, repeated until under control.   For horses it reduces ringbone and sidebone.  (MD, from ‘Sue in NZ’)

Calcium supplements (unpotentized)


Needs Magnesium for it to be absorbed  (K,M)      Calc people often need zinc supplements;  See Gout/Pseudo gout

Meta-analysis encompassing 15 randomised trials and over 11,000 participants concluded that the use of calcium supplements for osteoporosis without co-administered vitamin D is associated with an increased risk of MI (heart attack).  ‘Clinicians should tell their patients that for most older people the risks of calcium supplements outweigh the benefits.  Changing to calcium-rich foods may be appropriate”  (Dr Ian R Reid, University of Auckland) (BMJ online 29.7.10)

Dengue fever

Also known as breakbone fever.  Transmitted in the tropics by daytime mosquitoes.   No conventional vaccines or treatment so ignored medically  but can be a killer  especially haemorrhagic Dengue fever.  Eup Perf;  Dengue Fever Nosode;  Merc if blood in urine  (J)

For dengue or chikungunya (another mosquito-borne viral disease).
1 dose (1 drop or 3 globules) – Ledum Pal 200 once a week (first day)
3 doses (1 drop or 3 globules) – Eup Perf 30 tid (first day)
1 dose (1 drop or 3 globules) – Polyporus Pinicola/Officinalis 200 once a week (second day)
1 dose (1 drop or 3 globules) – Pyrogen 200 once a week (second day).   May be optional - depending on symptoms.
In the rare instance if someone contracts the disease
A weekly dose of Led Pal 200 + Poly Pin/Off + Pyrog SAME DAY -followed with Eup Perf tds till the pain/fever/chills etc subsides. Also complementary remedies like Rhus, Bry, Ars etc to follow  as per symptoms.
Within 48 hrs it should be resolved with minimal suffering to the patient.
You may also give 2 tablespoons (1 tablespoon if less than 10 yrs) of papaya juice (mixed with honey for children as it is bitter) once a day for 2 days. This will ensure that the patient's platelet count does not plummet!
(Email from Dr Usuf in Sri Lanka, 1.8.10)


For fear/anxiety before treatment:  Aconite, Arg Nit, Gelsemium.  Also Guna Nervocalm 15 drops b.d. 2 weeks prior for pre-dental terror.

After - Arn;  For bleeding - Phos  (K);  Arnica before dentistry is said to stop an anaesthetic injection from working in some cases (see Arnica);  After extraction put Hypercal on a cotton bud and dip into socket for rapid healing;  For pain from having braces tightened -  Cham or chiropractic or cranial osteopathy;  To reduce/prevent formation of dental plaque - Xylitol (a natural sweetener) rinse plus strawberry tincture or  strawberry toothpaste;  Neem Bark to clean oversensitive teeth with thin enamel.

For inflammation: Hepar Sulph, Mercurius, Staphysagria, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Coffea.
Complex remedies can be helpful:  Reckeweg’s complexes, Traumeel, Guna Dentotox Medicines - Guna Flam and Guna Neural.
Meridian work:  teeth are each connected to one of the meridians and organs.
TMJ alignment may need treatment.
White composite fillings contain bisphenols and may produce problems.   Porcelain is the safest option but very expensive and can crack if used in certain high-impact-receiving areas of the mouth.   Best option is not to need fillings at all!  This is dependent largely on diet, pH of the body.  High acidity produced by Western diet increases acidity.   (SF)

See Echinacea;  see Calc Renalis;  see Traumeel;  see Hekla Lava;  see Rubber Dam;  see TMJ

Male Menopause

Also known as late-onset hypogonadism (or ‘getting on in years and underwhelmed in the gonads’).  Believed to occur in about 8% of men aged 50-79 years.  Treatable with TRT, testosterone replacement therapy, in a long-acting injection or as a Testogel which is rubbed on the shoulders daily.
Possible indications:

Declining sex drive
Fatigue and lessening energy
Forgetfulness and inability to concentrate
Anger, anxiety, irritability and depression
Weight gain
Sleep problems
Osteoporosis and muscle wastage
Confusion and indecisiveness
Declining self confidence
Hot flushes and night sweats.

GP’s may prescribe anti-depressants but they can make testosterone levels worse. One anti-depressant Effexor is now known in medical circles as ‘No-sex-or’.  (The Independent, 24.8.10)

MS - Multiple Sclerosis

Test co-ordination with Rhomberg’s test - see Rhomberg’s;  Early symptom is double vision; 
Characteristic gait -  wears out tips of shoes;  
Sometimes after remission have acute attacks which produce pain and stiff legs. 
Give Lathyrus Sat alternating with Oxytropis for legs, or alternate Lathyrus with other indicated remedies.  Lathyrus 6 tds ongoing for life if nec;  Plumbum almost certainly needed at some time - 200 weekly/fortnightly ongoing;  Cicuta V for severe and relapsing MS - electric shocks along spine, child-like qualities;  Maybe give ACTH or other steroid remedy if already having steroid treatment/symptoms;  Alumina;  Hirudo;  Kali p;  Ign;  Sarcolactic Acid;  Zincum  (K);  Symptoms often arise after a fall, or was the fall an early symptom of the disease?;  Consider Aspidosperma Quebracho;   See Plumbum

From the MSRC: ‘The world of conventional medicine is becoming more open to the idea that patients may find an alternative therapy that helps them....... such as homeopathy....  Our philosophy is:  “Whatever works for you”.

Thyroid/Thyroxine medication

Patient may present with anxiety;       P  Presenting symptom may be anxiety.  Check for exopthalmia, profuse sweats, < heat, nystagmus (rapidly moving eyes), hair loss, trembling hands if held out, irregular periods, anxiety and claustrophobia even on buses, weight changes - too fat, too thin.  Often suffer with cervical spondylosis in later years.
If hyperthyroid - racing pulse, toxic goitre, may get < before >;  Nat M 200 then Iodum 30 bd ongoing until under control, then twice weekly, then wean off;  Acupuncture;
If hypothyroid - also use Nat Mur but with Thyroidinum;  Natural Progesterone cream;  Follic;  Fucus Vesic 3x;  Lycopus Virginicus 6;  Sep  (K);  If assoc with other endocrine disturbance, e.g.menopause, consider Hypothalamus  (J);  Feels permanently cold;  Can be misdiagnosed as post natal depression;  May be associated with anaemia  -  Iron supplements cannot be absorbed if taken at same time as Thyroxine;  Lots of medical conditions can improve if thyroid is treated (allopathically or homeopathically), especially post-menopause and post-natal.
Kelp supplements can mask thyroid inadequacy, therefore Kelp with Q10 supplements may stimulate thyroid production so Thyroxine medication not necessary;  Caution: consider all implications carefully; 
* See below.  25mcg is the lowest dose of medically prescribed Thyroxine but most patients take up to 150mcg daily.  (25mcg is equivalent to Thyroidimun 5x);  Caution:  5x would have a potential physiological action and therefore may not be suitable for patients with a feeble heart, hypertension or for tubercular patients.  As always, individualise for the patient.  Pharmacist/homeopath (BP) suggests Thyroidinum 9x as a gentle and effective dose for sensitive patients.

A tricky condition for doctors to diagnose:  ‘The development of thyroid problems overlaps with hormonal and physical changes due to pregnancy, ageing and particularly the onset of the menopause’.  Hypothyroidism has similar symptoms to ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fybromyalgia).  (Saga mag, June 2010)

‘Inadvertent use of fluoridated toothpaste (Kingfisher Fennel with Fluoride) produced consciousness as if my thyroid was underfunctioning.  Also a cracking sensation in it – like cracks spreading across glass.  Even worse when using laptop – but PC okay’. (LS)

See Thyroidinum;  see Vitiligo

Temporo-mandibular joint (jaw)

Many conditions including dental, mouth and head problems, back pain or groin pain can stem from a mis-aligned TMJ. 
Outstanding results  can be achieved by one of the hands-on energywork  disciplines such as Bowen or Cranial Osteopathy.  (SGu)

TB - Tuberculosis:

Human TB is  caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (myco = fungus) which needs oxygen and iron to thrive so resides in the top of the lungs and also causes anaemia.  M. Bovis enters the stomach via milk or beef (desires milk, meat) and only produces lung infections in 2-3%  (FV - see book ‘Monera’);  See BCG;  see Phellandrium; see Lacnanthes;  see Tubercular miasm/Tuberclinum

New research led by Dr Anne O’Garra, National Institute for Medical Research, London has found a ‘blood gene signature’ in active TB patients which is only present in 10% of latent (infected but healthy) TB patients.  It is hoped a test could be developed to identify the 10% who will go on to develop the full blown disease from the 90% of healthy carriers so that treatment can be targeted specifically for them.  (Nature, 2010)
Latent and active miasm?

Full Table of Updates - 2011

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Aethusa Cynapium 30
(Fools Parsley)

Milk intolerance;  Weak premature babies;  Emaciation  (K);  Projectile vomiting;  Examination funk;  Compare with Homarus (Lobster);   See Colic;  see Abrotanum;  see Projectile Vomiting

Syph 200 or 1M tds for 1 week;  hair usually re-grows white  (K);  Lithium if NBWS Lithium medication  (K);  Boericke p.904 for more remedies;  Arnica 1x;  Staphysagria;  Good book:  ‘Regrow Your Hair Naturally’;  See Syph

Thallium Met. – may be especially helpful after chemotherapy (CCH student)

Arnica Montana
(Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Daisy)

‘If in doubt, give Arnica’ - for anything!;  Weak thighs;  Strokes;  Anti-haemorrhagic;  Exhaustion, etc (J);  An important heart tonic  (EB);  Pre-op, but (AS) says:  give Arnica 30 night before (MM gives 200)and on morning of op then No More because it’s effects may hype up the patient so anaesthetic doesn’t hold during the op.  Also its effects may last for up to 3 weeks and excessive use can cause over-rapid healing, e.g. in dental work.  An overdose of Arnica may bring a patient out of anaesthesia too soon  (AS);  I have never seen any of these effects  (J);  Discussions  in all 4 seminar groups decided to be aware of but not fearful of  haemorrhage and too-much, too-soon, too-long warnings; 1x for Alopecia;   See Dyspareunia;  see Stroke;  see MRSA;  see Dentistry; see Heart attack;  see Appendix 11, Emotional Triads;  see Bellis

Robin Murphy said:  If you think a bone is broken but Arnica takes away the pain and panic, still insist on an X-ray because medical staff won’t recognise or relate the calm state with a broken limb.
Bites, insect

Allergies to insects, e.g. mosquitoes/gnats, is tubercular.  Use lotion made of equal parts Ø Apis, Ledum and Calendula or give Ledum 6 daily.  Use Hypercal for horsefly bites.  Consider Weleda’s Combudoron spray;  Apis  (K,J);  Staph; Herbal Aloe Vera gel;  Caladium;  Pulex 30 for cat fleas;  See Echinacea;  see Pyrethrum;  see Stings;  see Traumeel


Potency suggestions for nosodes and maybe constitutional remedies:  30 if complaint is new, 200 if F/H/O from parents generation, 1M from grandparents generation, etc. (LS);  Or: regard 30c as a gentle tap to the vital force, 200 as a shout to ‘get on with it’, 1M – the patient needs a hug, and 10M – the symptoms are on a higher plane;  A suggestion to give a 200 potency at night so the patient goes to sleep on it (and any aggravation);  (CG)

Jeremy Sherr, from The Homeopath Spring 2004 issue (Society of Homeopaths Journal).

















Score from 1 to 10 (1 is low 10 high) on the following criteria:  Modality, Obstacles to cure, Pathology, Mental state, Energy and Creativity (MOPMEC).  It is the energy and or clarity behind each of these that you score.
Add the scores up and rate the potency from the following table.  (AW)

See Aggravations

Projectile vomiting If projectile vomiting is associated with a difficult birth and shock it may be improved with gentle manipulations.  (CCH student);  See Aethusa
Prolapse, bladder See Pelvic Floor Muscles;  see Kegel Exerciser

(Golden Rod)

Specific for the suppression of urine.  The homeopathic catheter.  (Tubercular miasm)  (LSm)

Thallium metallicum

See Alopecia


Homeopathic combination remedy from Heel.   Ask dentist/hygienist to apply Traumeel drops to gums  during painful treatments  instead of  injections.  Follow with Traumeel tabs prn after  (J,SF);  Contains low potencies of Arnica, Calendula, Millefolium, Belladonna, Aconite, Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph, Chamomilla, Symphytum, Bellis Per, Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea, Hypericum.  Highly recommended;  Case:  Traumeel began to clear a painful dental abscess immediately (J);
Insect bites:  ‘A nasty mosquito bite swelled up my leg and full of poison.  Only slightly better for Apis, no better with Ledum, only a bit better with Hypericum.  Took Traumeel pills and applied drops locally and the pain, itching and swelling was relieved instantly.  Just left with a tiny scab two days later.’  (SS).   Traumeel drops also brought instant relief to a painful bite, probably a horsefly, which was becoming infected.  (J)   
See Plantar Fasciitis

There is also a completely new appendix:

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Here is an updated version of some of the Appendix 1 content which I have rewritten for you to use or show to your local GPs and colleagues:
Protocol for Antidepressant Withdrawal supported by Homeopathy

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