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Local colleagues

Heather Conway, Homeopathy and Reiki: www.a2zhomeopathy.co.uk

Helen Swan, Homeopathy, NCT and Buteyko: www.naturalhealthanswers.co.uk

Mo and Ali Morrish: Homeopathy, Teaching and Writing: www.thehomoeopathicpractice.co.uk

Teignmouth Alternative Health Practice: www.thefountainforhealth.com

Ian Webster Homeopathy: www.flyinghomeopath.co.uk

Sue Creaton, Homeopathy and Bowen Technique:  http://www.homeopathydevon.co.uk/index.html

Further afield

Matt Pepper, Homeopath in London and Oxfordshire: www.mattpepper.com

Interesting homeopathy websites

Homeopathy for everyone, everything homeopathic: www.hpathy.com

A wealth of information about everything homeopathic: www.homeopathyheals.me.uk

Homeopathic pharmacy: www.helios.co.uk

Hay fever book:  http://www.westsussexhomeopathy.co.uk/?p=productsMore&iProduct=7

A group which campaigns against the negative media coverage of homeopathy: www.hmc21.org

The Homeopathy Research Institute:  http://www.homeoinst.org/

The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy at Bristol:  http://www.conhom.com

Orion Postgraduate Advanced Training course: http://www.conhom.com/info-postgrad.php

NHS evidence for homeopathy – useful information for doctors, PCTs, MPs or sceptics:




Other interesting websites

Devon Digital - photography and multimedia: www.devondigital.co.uk

Funeral ceremonies with heart and soul: www.authenticceremonies.co.uk

Herbal remedies: www.herbalremedypro.com